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Launched in 1999, PT. Inti Utama Sehat was born out of the vision to be sustainable growing company in aesthetic and anti aging industry that benefits to the people’s wellfare and it is concerned as one of the pioneer company for importing and distributing aesthetic and anti aging of cosmoceutical product in Indonesia.

The company’s missions are giving the best services and solutions to customer as their partner in aesthetic and anti aging business to be the main customer choices, to be an innovative company in aesthetic and anti aging industry, and to build a healthy, compatible and prosperous business organization.

PT. Inti Utama Sehat attempts to supply Indonesian consumers not only with the best quality product, but also with the suitable prices. The product we distribute includes: the product of Oxygen Botanical from Canada, Thymuskin from Germany, TDF and Vivant from USA; and some machines like Hyfrecator from Conmed USA, Slim RF from Italy (Thailand), and Silkpeel from USA as sub distributor.

PT. Inti Utama Sehat was formed by some share holder (Mr. Soedomo Mergonoto, Dr. Jopy Wikana and Dr. Lanny Juniarti) and it is led by Dr. Jopy Wikana as the Director.

Our head office is located in Surabaya city, East Java and the branch office is in Jakarta. PT. Inti Utama Sehat employs 40 employees including 2 person of RSM in Jakarta with their team and 1 person of RSM in Surabaya with Medical Representative as their team.

Our sales is approximately US$ 35 million annually for all product and machine we distribute.
Our Company vision is "To be an anti aging company that can contribute to the people well fare". Our Mission is "To provide prime service & support of qualified anti aging products to our valued customer". The goal is to represent, educate and foster the growth and profitability of entrepreneurial companies in the cosmetic and personal care industries.


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